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by Mithradir
Thu Mar 11, 2021 4:58 pm
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Topic: Mithy's Now and Then...
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Mithy's Now and Then...

I thought of sharing some old screenshots I managed to find from before of Game Launch until Today! Not many things you can say for the past 2.5years in just few screens but damn... I feel so good for all this time that passed :) THEN: This was taken on 13/08/2019 after Blizzard opened the game for ...
by Mithradir
Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:49 pm
Forum: Raid Progress
Topic: Atiesh <Hand of Sargeras>
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Atiesh <Hand of Sargeras>

Just a video of us killing Atiesh (on 21-Feb-2021) This was our 2nd try of killing Atiesh for the last quest (after acquiring 40x Splinters and killing C'thun and Kel'Thuzad) for acquiring for our l...
by Mithradir
Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:27 pm
Forum: Rules
Topic: Benching for Naxxramas
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Benching for Naxxramas

Dear guildmates, Due to having more signs than we used to (which is something we always strived for - maintaining quality 40man runs) we're gonna implement some simple Benching rules to overcome this issue for trying to keep hassle and drama free raids. As we experienced some times in the past, ther...
by Mithradir
Sun Dec 06, 2020 10:13 pm
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Topic: Naxxramas (Naxx)
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Naxxramas (Naxx)

The Spider Wing Anub'Rekhan - First kill: 06/12/2020 anub'rhekan.jpg Grand Widow Faerlina - First kill: 06/12/2020 faerlina.jpg Maexxna - First kill: 06/12/2020 maexxna.jpg The Plague Wing Noth the Plaguebringer - First kill: 06/12/2020 noth.jpg Heigan the Unclean - First kill: 07/12/2020
by Mithradir
Sun Nov 22, 2020 12:31 pm
Forum: Raid Progress
Topic: World Bosses (kek)
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World Bosses (kek)

  • Azuregos - First kill: 22/11/2020
  • Emeriss - First kill: 29/11/2020
  • Lethon - First kill: 03/12/2020
by Mithradir
Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:24 pm
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Topic: Onyxia's Lair (Onyxia)
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Onyxia's Lair (Onyxia)

  • Onyxia - First kill: 29/09/2019
by Mithradir
Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:21 pm
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Topic: Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20)
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Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20)

  • Ossirian the Unscarred - First kill: 14/08/2020
by Mithradir
Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:13 pm
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Topic: Zul'Gurub (ZG)
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Zul'Gurub (ZG)

  • Hakkar the Soulflayer - First kill: 15/04/2020
by Mithradir
Mon Aug 24, 2020 2:59 pm
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Topic: Molten Core (MC)
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Molten Core (MC)

  • Majordomo Executus - First kill: 13/10/2019
  • Ragnaros - First kill: 13/10/2019
by Mithradir
Mon Aug 24, 2020 2:50 pm
Forum: Raid Progress
Topic: Blackwing Lair (BWL)
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Blackwing Lair (BWL)

Razorgore the Untamed - First kill: 13/01/2020 Razorgore.jpg Vaelastraz the Corrupt - First kill: 13/01/2020 Vaelastraz.jpg Broodlord Lashlayer - First kill: 13/01/2020 Bloodlord.jpg Firemaw - First kill: 16/01/2020 Firemaw.jpg Ebonroc - First kill: 16/01/2020 Ebonroc.jpg Flamegor - First kill: 16/...